Business fields

Finance, Controlling and Accounting, Human Resources and Organization

In addition to the construction of corporate finance of any kind, even in the most difficult situations, including the monitoring and implementation of accounting software, the realization of cost accounting systems and the development of controlling systems are our core competencies. In particular, we have intensive experience in the procurement of financing, guarantees of any kind. This includes also the support in obtaining country guarantees such as the implementation of Sale and Leaseback projects in difficult situations.

Strategic Consulting

In many applications instruments quickly becomes clear by the Controlling employed, that a change of strategy is needed. In collaboration with the leaders we work out the basic strategy options. After that we put together with you to achieve the strategic options. The responsibility and coordination of the progress control to the realization of the defined measures assumes the MBBI-CONSULT.


To achieve these objectives the strategically important positions with the appropriate figures has to be filled. We can offer you the best executives in the financial sector. Based on international experience. We are pleased to offer our service line on foreign investors.

Business for Sale

The sale of parts of or the entire company can be an integral part of corporate strategy. MBBI-CONSULT makes this option for a seamless transition on the basis of a transparent M & A process. This includes the implementation and enforcement of the Due- Diligence. Our focus includes the data processing and preparation of all necessary sub-steps. Due to the international nature of the persons we are also in a position to international investors to provide a suitable data preparation.