MBBI-CONSULT is an active nationwide consulting company. We are specialized in advising small and medium businesses. Our focus is to strengthen the profitability and financial strength of companies and the optimization of their economic situation, in order to avoid individual corporate crises.

MBBI-CONSULT offers entrepreneurs and startups, consulting as a service. The drive to set up a business consultant is widely recognized as necessary a change in the operational process. In addition to traditional consulting topics we also specialize in the provision and development of financing models in the SME sector as the interim support in almost all commercial areas. These include reorganization, improvements, innovations and "movement".

The advisory activities of MBBI-CONSULT is on companies with a maximum of 80-100 employees designed to offer a qualified consulting. Large consulting firms generate annual sales of more than several million euros and are often the wrong contact for a medium sized company with a few employees. Both from the practical business experience, including the high day rates, an advice here is often not effective, or simply not to refinance.

MBBI-CONSULT holds like all serious business consultant to the principles of independence, confidentiality, objectivity and professional competence for the advisory contract. Consultations for areas where there are no proven experience or qualifications in the MBBI-CONSULT, we do not offer in terms of our Code of Conduct.