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Especially during the difficult pandemic period, we supported companies in revising their hygiene concepts and making them compliant with the law in order to ensure a safe production process. Changes with regard to home-office workplaces were developed as well as the technical implementation in the various administrative and production areas.
Continuation forecasts, expert opinions and corporate management with interim managers continued to be part of the MBBI - CONSULT profile. In 2022, we will continue to expand the above-mentioned areas of responsibility with the familiar partners and hopefully also leave the pandemic behind us. We are ready for further challenges.

Quick - Check analyses as of 2020

In view of the increasingly difficult tariff policy environment and the current economic development, we are offering simplified Quick Checks for small and medium-sized companies as of 2020. The objective of this lean and efficient procedure is a clear recommendation for the management on how to improve planning and control, processes, quality and costs in the company. The scope of tasks also includes expert reports for the partners in collective bargaining policy. In detail, we identify the potentials in the processes, calculate savings potentials and draw up action plans. The results are processed on the basis of a report and will be discussed with the client. We are also available for individual implementation projects.

MBBI - CONSULT continues to grow

As part of an ever-expanding range of tasks, in addition to the consulting firm Zerrath (www.zerrath.com) we were able to gain a new cooperation partner in 2018. As part of our greater focus on small and medium-sized companies, we were able to establish a partnership with Mrs. Kerstin Neubert.

She possesses qualified expertise, especially in this area. (www.kerstin-neubert.de) Mrs. Neubert focuses on the financial sector and interdisciplinary topics. As a graduate in business administration with many years of experience in auditing and controlling, she successfully supports MBBI - CONSULT. In 2018, Mrs. Neubert successfully contributed her experience in several projects. In this constellation, we will be able to handle even more demanding projects in a qualified and efficient manner in the future.

Collective agreements with trade unions

Even in the current very good economic situation, especially in the metal industry, restructuring agreements can be necessary. The general plans of the different trade unions have disadvantages, especially for smaller companies. We see an obstacle for company and business-related solutions in the area tariff agreements, which do not adequately reflect the growing heterogeneity within the various sectors. While high-yield companies are able to meet tariff standards without problems, less successful companies are faced with major problems. Also, standards agreed upon in a high economic phase may not be possible later.


This is where MBBI - CONSULT starts with rhe consulting service. We create room-to-room solutions for operating solutions by using the opening clauses in collective agreements. We are currently advising several companies in the metal sector in the implementation of individually designed regulations.

Management Buy Out concept in line with the plan

The Management Buy Out concept managed by MBBI - CONSULT in 2015 at MBO Witt Maschinenbau GmbH is currently in line with the plan. Enclosed you will find a current press review of the “Westfälische Nachrichten” about the current situation:
Westfälische Nachrichten: "Probleme des Wachstums", 10.02.2017

New partnership for MBBI-CONSULT

Since mid-2015 the MBBI-CONSULT intensified the cooperation with the consulting/insolvency company Ulrich Zerrath/Recklinghausen (www.zerrath.com).
In addition to individual company analysis MBBI-CONSULT supports and advises companies in bankruptcy or in economically challenging situations. The creation of qualified business plans and advice will provide assistance for a new start.
In collaboration with the consulting/insolvency company Zerrath, MBBI–CONSULT realized and implemented an MBO of a mid-sized company in the engineering and machine building industry. In 2016 MBBI is responsible to build up a company strategy for this company for the future. This task will be to lead the company and to include the implementation of a new reporting system.

Expand of the offered services

After a successful launch in 2013, MBBI - CONSULT extended the range of service in 2015 and supports medium-sized companies with the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP ) systems. The focus is in particular on the process analysis, focusing on the areas of steel trading, steel service, steel processing, electroplating and surface finishing, metal processing and manufacturing companies. Here, we focus on a standardized research methodology. The structures we form from a standard software and work with our customer’s optimum process organization, to integrate it in the ERP environment. Our customers can benefit from the broad experience MBBI - CONSULT has been collected and proven in various projects.

One important aspect continues to provide the support of SMEs in the rehabilitation and in crisis. For this purpose include short to medium term assignments as interim manager as well as the development of financial concepts, up to the application of state guarantees.

With the SYMBIO CONSULT continues to be a friendly cooperation, the official partnership was terminated on 31.12.2014.

Symposium in Düsseldorf

As a partner of Symbio CONSULT we have offerred a  symposium at the Hyatt Regancy in Düsseldorf on 05/14/2014. Many representatives of German banks have discussed with Symbio CONSULT and Prof. Neuhaus the topic of  "BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AS A MOTOR OF REHABILITATION PRACTICE ". Linking the rehabilitation of a company with the Excellence philosophy of the European Foundation for Quality Management sounds risky and it is also, if one considers only the crisis phase. However, broadens the view and takes the company's future targeted to describe the absolutely required in IDW S6 mission statement and business model of the restructured company, then there is the task in a quite different picture. The goal of rehabilitation is not only the ability to service restore, but competitiveness. Without unique features this is not possible. In view of the EFQM fundamental concept, the company management needs a clear position as the sustainable competitive strength is to be achieved. The implementation of the action plan is supported by the use of the EFQM model criteria in the same way. Each element is described in detail, and facilitates the development of a company-wide standardized idea of ​​the manipulated variables of the organization. And the RADAR methodology enables the management to measure the performance of the organization and building on that to improve. The Symbio CONSULT will only strengthen the dialogue with the banking partners.

Partnership with SYMBIO CONSULT established!

The MBBI-CONSULT has been the partner of SYMBIO CONSULT for North Rhine Westphalia since 01.01.2014 (www.symbio-consult.de).
In April Symbio CONSULT was member on the list of the best German consultancies. Thus, the Symbio CONSULT is one of the 276 best consultancies of 15,000 consultancies in total. More than 1,400 colleagues (namely, partner and project manager of large consulting firms) and 1,500 advisory clients (managers of large and small companies) have come to this judgment. This study of "Brand Eins knowledge" is the most comprehensive survey on this topic in Germany. We would like to congratulate SYMBIO CONSULT for this sucess.