Code of conduct

To lead the changes successfully

"Successful companies and managers are characterized by a high adaptability to their constantly changing environment. The most successful companies are those who make changes by themselves and those who can evaluate the changes for themselves positively. Successful companies are always ahead of the other and keep this competitive edge. Therefore I don't treat a change as a threat, but as a good opportunity. Changes are challenges".

Anders Wall (*1931), topmanager, 1981-82 chairman AB Volvo, s. 1982 chairman Investment AB Beijer

We say what we mean and do what we say. In this sense, our cooperation is characterized by honesty, openness, clarity, fairness and consistency. We address critical issues directly, but we always have respect for the achievements, opinion and personality of other people.


Our work is characterized by interest and attention. We know that appreciation increases the added value. This makes it easy for us to get people interested in us and our performance.

We take our tasks as real challenges and develop a goal-oriented individual solutions for the company.

We manufacture all at your service as long as we believe with conviction in its success. We reject orders that we cannot carry full conviction to success together.

We do not start a project without having clearly discussed the topic in advance together with the customer.

At this Code, we want to be measured !